The Björkman family’s love for their own vegetable garden shines through in their cooking


Mari and John Björkman have developed attraction to local brilliant raw materials throughout the years and thus they also wanted to be part of the Eat my Turku project. Their 6- and 10-year-old sons Otto and Oskar also bustle along, and Otto, the younger one, has already announced that he wants to be a cook. Mari works as a researcher for the cancer research at Orion Pharma and John is an intendant at the Museum Centre of Turku.

John’s and Mari’s pride is their own garden, the offerings of which they use in recipes made for Eat my Turku. The masonry oven and the wood-burning stove of the old log house are also diligently used by the Björkman family, and different traditional dishes are constantly served. Bravuras are, for example, sourdough bread, self-made egg cheese, home-brew and slow-cooked meat dishes. The old methods and their own garden are an endless source of inspiration to both of them. From the offerings of the garden the Björkmans also prepare their own jams and different soured vegetables.

For Eat my Turku the Björkmans created recipes of Jussi’s multigrain bread and snacks of archipelago bread of Perheleipuri Salonen, topped with the best local products and with vegetables from their own garden.

Check the recipes created by the Björkman family from Perheleipuri Salonen’s products:

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