Fish soup with Koskenlaskija


For 10
Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 40 min

Fish soup seasoned with Valio Koskenlaskija cheese is a classic. Instead of the traditional salmon, Arkea’s Restaurant Nereidi sometimes prepares the soup using coalfish cubes and tops it off with shrimps.

1.2 l water
1 fish stock cube
10 whole allspice peppers
5 bay leaves
6 diced carrots
1.4 kg diced potatoes
100 g horseradish paste
4 dl Valio cooking cream
300 g Valio Koskenlaskija® strong lactose-free cheese
1 kg coalfish cubes
350 g shrimps
1 bundle spring onions
1 bundle dill chopped

Heat the water to boiling point in a pot. Add the fish stock, peppers, and bay leaves. Add the root vegetables and horseradish. Boil under a lid for approximately 15 minutes until almost done. Add the cooking cream. Melt the Koskenlaskija to the mixture. Add the fish and let simmer for another 3 minutes. Finally, add the shrimps and chopped spring onions. Heat up but do not boil. Finish the taste with dill.


Serve with fresh rye bread and butter, as well as slices of lemon.

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