Food for the Teissalas’ dining table is made at home from the beginning


Salla and Marko, the parents of the Teissala entrepreneur family, prepare wholesome home-made food for their sons Leevi, Casper and Max. They make all the food themselves from the beginning and favour organic and local raw materials. Their favourites are, for example, Mikola Organic Farm and Kaarlejoki Organic Farm from which they order seasonal vegetables and vegetable roots. Both the farms belong to a food circle which delivers food straight to the home door. At weekends more time is used for cooking than on weekdays, and ideas are searched for in food magazines, cookery books and food programmes.

Salla has been interested in cooking since her schooldays and home economics lessons. A few years ago Salla’s greatest passion was baking but she has since become more interested in cooking and full menus, which she prepares not only for the family but also for friends. Salla’s bravuras are risottos whereas her husband Mikko likes grilling.

For Eat my Turku the Teissala family prepared a dish from herring of Suomen Sillikonttori. They eat herring in a traditional way with new potatoes in summer and at Christmas table but also as such on archipelago bread. The Teissalas chose matjess herring fillet for their recipe because they were already familiar with it.

”The recipe for a herring casserole was created for a late-night meal at an evening party, and it is in all its simplicity one of our family’s favourite dishes”, says Salla.


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