Göran’s Krouvi herring

Serves 16
Difficulty level: Average
Preparation time: 45 min + 2-3 days marination
(gluten-free, not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts)

Restaurant Göran’s Krouvi herring is a delicacy for a true herring-lover. The lightly salted herring fillets of Suomen Sillikonttori are seasoned with a separate marinade and served with easy vegetables and browned butter.

8 pcs lightly salted herring fillets of Suomen Sillikonttori


3 dl white vinegar
2 dl sugar
4.5 dl water
½ dl Koskenkorva
3 tbsp dill seeds
1 bunch of dill
10 pcs allspice berries
10 pcs whole cloves
5 pcs bay leaves
1 tsp dried chili flakes

For serving

1 red onion
10 cm piece of leek
½ small cauliflower
4-6 boiled eggs
pickled mustard seeds
200 g butter

Measure out the marinade ingredients into a saucepan and bring them to the boil. Let them cool, strain. Put the herring fillets into the cold stock and let them marinate in a cool place for 2-4 days. Take the herring out of the marinade and cut it into fork-size pieces, set some marinade aside for completing the portions.

Slice the onions into thin rings, mince the cauliflower and smash the egg. Put the cauliflower into a bowl and season it for a while with the marinade which was set aside. Put the butter into a saucepan and heat it till the butter is brown and smells like nuts. You can check with a thermometer that the butter temperature is 160 degrees.

Place the herring pieces on the bottom of the serving dish so that the fillet shape remains. Top them with red onion, leek, cauliflower and egg. Mix the pickled mustard seeds with the browned butter and spoon on.

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