Mestaripalvi uses only domestic meat



Turun Mestaripalvi exclusively uses domestic meat which is cut from whole carcasses in the cutting plant of the company.

The Koivisto family has been working in meat business already for more than 100 years. Turun Mestaripalvi, founded in 1995, covers all from meat cutting to a sausage factory and a production kitchen. Four siblings are responsible for the operation: Saija Koivisto takes care of administration, Timo Koivisto is responsible for production, Johanna Lund’s area is the production kitchen and Sari Enroth runs marketing. In the daily operations of the family business, however, everyone works where needed.

Mestaripalvi’s most visible part for customers is the factory shop which is located with good transport connections, has a large parking area and works as a business card of the company. In the shop there is a big part of the over 500 manufactured products stocked, according to the season of course. The traditional favourites of the processed meat are the ham, named Könttäkinkku and their wiener called Mestarin nakki, which have been for sale from the beginning, and a fried sausage, which has also been very popular. For the summer season the selection also includes, in addition to barbecue sausages, different uncooked sausages for many tastes.

The whole scale of Mestaripalvi’s operations is not revealed, however, until you enter the production facilities through the back door of the shop.

”Some of our customers do not necessarily know that meat is cut right behind the wall”, Timo Koivisto says. Saija Koivisto continues: ”And granny Koivisto’s baked sausage is prepared there in the production kitchen by following our granny’s recipe!”

Product quality, customer service and domesticity above all

Domestic pork, beef, lamb, horse and game are cut in the cutting plant. In the production kitchen there is also a clear line for local food and homely fare – without sparing butter and cream.

”We have been talking about local food for 23 years and we have always wanted to cook delicious homely fare. Local food is very trendy today but for us it has been self-evident right from the start. We have always wanted to use raw materials produced as close to us as possible and we have always wanted to put taste first!” says Johanna Lund.

The customer service at Mestaripalvi’s shop has always been excellent and everyone working at the counter knows the raw materials thoroughly and can hint at suitable recipes. The world hiding behind the doors, or the cutting plant, the sausage factory and the kitchen are certainly taken care of with the same expertise.  

”The staff working in the shop and in the production are professionals with years’ experience”, says Saija pleased.

Travelling brings changes

One big change in the meat business has also come to Mestaripalvi through internationalisation.

”Because of travelling, our customers have now much more recipes than before, so luckily we are able to realize hopes for different parts of meat in our own cutting plant without problems”, says Sari Enroth.

”Especially for beef there is now call for more special pieces like picanha, flank steak, petite tender and flat iron steak”, enlightens Timo Koivisto and Saija continues: ”Travelling has clearly increased people’s knowledge and this is certainly a trendy area. Food is nowadays on everyone’s lips and then in the stomach. It is not mere fuel anymore.”

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