A notch better avocado toast on Rosten’s seed crispbread

Avocado toast is already a classic! Essi Rantanen combines avocados with pomegranate seeds, honey, cream cheese and pea shoots. When the delicacy is based on Rosten’s seed crispbread, it reaches quite a new level.

4 pcs Leipomo Rosten’s oat & chian seed crispbread
4 tbsp unflavoured cream cheese
1 avocado
½ pomegranate seeds
lemon pepper
1-2 tbsp honey
8 pea shoots

Coat the seed crispbreads with cream cheese. Peel and slice the avocado. Set the avocado slices on a seed crispbread and dust with lemon pepper. Add the pomegranate seeds and some honey if you want. Garnish the avocado bread with pea shoots and enjoy!

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