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Marta Heinonen, service supervisor at Arkea’s Restaurant Nereidi, has enjoyed cooking since she was a child, and continues to love her job.

Her first contact with cooking took place when she was three years old. Heinonen’s mother still remembers how the little girl fried eggs for her sick mother in a cast iron pan on the old woodburning stove. That is still her passion.

‘I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and still like the field. I enjoy customer service and couldn’t imagine doing anything else,’ Heinonen says.

As the service supervisor at Arkea’s Restaurant Nereidi, Heinonen is able to take care of all aspects of restaurant operations, including orders, menus, and customer relationships, as well as the actual cooking. And even though cooking has become her profession, she still cooks at home every day.

‘My children were so interested in food that when they went to daycare, I had to read the menu to them separately. And as we never eat ready meals at home, they thought fish sticks meant fish that is eaten with sticks, or sushi,’ Heinonen relates, laughing.

Heinonen considers fish and other seafood dishes to be her particular speciality, which her entire family enjoys. Her sister also enjoys cooking, and asks her for professional cooking tips every now and then. However, when Marta gives a recipe she says will take five minutes to make, her sister feels that only a professional could do it in that time, and may reserve up to an hour for herself.

Koskenlaskija is good for anything!

Heinonen was part of the Arkea Restaurant Nereidi team for preparing recipes for Eat my Turku. All of the dishes include Valio’s Koskenlaskija cheese, which Heinonen also uses actively at home.

‘My colleagues often say that given butter and Koskenlaskija, I can do just about anything. I always have some in the fridge at home as well,’ she says.

‘Of Koskenlaskija dishes, the traditional fish soup is my favourite, but Koskenlaskija is also perfect for a game soup or vegetable soup, for example. I also often add Koskenlaskija to bread rolls and mashed potatoes for some extra creaminess. I simply replace some of the liquid with running Koskenlaskija.’

Valio products are used every day in the Nereidi kitchen, and the domestic and local production of raw materials is considered. All meat products are Finnish, and vegetables are ordered from a local producer, Kimmon Vihannes.

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