Saithe with orange sauce


For 4
Difficulty: Medium
Time required: 1 h 30 min.

The simple and delicious cheddar and orange sauce is an excellent base for the rich meal made using Chipsters saithe cubes and served by Arkea as a standard product in the City of Turku schools and daycare centres. The tasty sauce is easy to make even at home.


250 g Cheddar sauce (e.g. Koskenlaskija Ruoka & Dippi cheddar in domestic cooking)
2 dl orange juice
2 tbsp. fish sauce base
3 tbsp. sweet chili sauce
½ tsp. dried dill
1 tsp. lemon-flavoured pepper
½ tsp. turmeric
1 tsp. salt
400 g Chipsters saithe cubes

Lingonberries and grated cabbage

450 g grated cabbage
200 g lingonberry jam

4 servings of boiled potatoes

Mix up all of the ingredients of the sauce. Place the fish cubes into an ovenproof dish and pour the cold sauce over the cubes. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 35 minutes. Mix up the grated cabbage and lingonberry jam. Enjoy with boiled potatoes.

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