Taija Vuorinen seeks inspiration from splendid local produce


Taija Vuorinen bravely came along to Eat my Turku to show both at work and at home that taking part in something new is a richness though it may be a little scary at the beginning. Taija works as a development manager for the Central Administration of Turku and especially develops the innovation activities, the prediction and the operations models of the city – so it was self-evident that she would come along to develop Eat my Turku.

At home Taija cooks for her husband and for the whole immediate family. Her own sons have already flown the nest but are still with their children the granny’s regular guests. Taija’s brothers with their children are also regular guests at the table.

“Serving good food is a simple way to express love to my family in a broad sense and to my numerous lovely friends. And, according to my niece, to all those who happen to walk in through the door. Most often, however, I cook for my husband, every single day“, says Taija.

It is the creativity in cooking that appeals to the Development Manager above all, and she seeks inspiration from magnificent raw materials, new food experiences and travelling.

“On the other hand, my nephew thought for long that we live on mere pasta Bolognese, the favourite food of children and grandchildren”, laughs Vuorinen.

The selected raw material by Vuorinen, Mestaripalvi’s mincemeat, she considered first class. Taija dropped in on Mestaripalvi for the first time and was completely fascinated by the hidden pearl of butcheries.

“The selection is absolutely breathtaking and the quality is high also visibly. I would have liked to stroke cute pork joints, they looked so smooth and pretty. The service was smiling and warm and, above all, very expert“, says Taija.

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