Vegetarian pasta with herbs and vegan mayonnaise


For 4
Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 1 h

All restaurants on Tallink and Silja Line ships serve vegan alternatives. Auran mayonnaises are also available in vegan form, and the Silja Baltic Princess kitchen team uses them actively. Why not top a vegetarian pasta with a delicious nut and lemon mayonnaise, and make the dish a bit more filling with butternut squash.

1 dl broad beans
1 bundle basil
½ bundle parsley
½ bundle coriander
1–2 cloves of garlic
1–1½ dl olive oil
black pepper

Nut and lemon mayonnaise
1 dl Auran vegan mayonnaise
2 tbsp. roasted and ground peanuts
1 tbsp. lemon juice
Grated skin of ½ lemon

½ butternut squash
150 g needle beans
2 shallots
4 servings of egg-free tagliatelle
1 dl roasted cashews

Make a smooth blend of the ingredients of the pesto and add the spices. Mix up the ingredients of the mayonnaise. Peel and dice the butternut squash, spread oil over the pieces, and roast at 200 degrees for 40 minutes until soft. Fry the needle beans and sliced shallots, mix in the pesto, the cooked pasta, and the butternut squash. Garnish with arugula, mayonnaise, and the toasted cashews.

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