Fish circle of Herkkunuotta’s whitefish


Serves 6-8
Difficulty level: Easy
Preparation time: 45 min
(gluten-free, not including: soy, nuts, egg)

Restaurant Kaskis at Kaskenmäki is already known around the country for its fish circle which has over 30 different versions. Chef Erik Mansikka planned a version of the classic also for Eat my Turku by using Herkkunuotta’s whitefish fillet.


400 g Herkkunuotta’s whitefish fillet
100 g salt
100 g sugar

Sour milk sauce with dill

2 tblsp. dill oil
2 dl sour milk
1 dl cream
1 tblsp. lemon juice

Clean the whitefish fillet, remove the skin and the bones. Mix salt with sugar. Put some mixture of salt and sugar under the fish and pour the rest on the fish. Let the fillets be in the mixture for about 25 minutes depending on their thickness.

Prepare first the dill oil by making fresh dill smooth in a blender with the least possible amount of oil. Combine all the sauce ingredients except the dill oil. Finally add the dill oil. Serve the fish circle with vegetables and fruit you choose according to the season.

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