Fried pike perch of Wallin, black salsify and crab sauce


Serves 2
Difficulty level: Difficult
Preparation time: 2h + 24h marination

The pike perch portion of restaurant NOOA is based on crab stock and pike perch fillet of Kalaliike S. Wallin. Pickled tomatoes according to the recipe exceed two portions but you can later use them as a trimming for some other dish.

Pickled green tomatoes

200 g raw domestic tomatoes
1 dl water
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp white vinegar

Crab sauce

2 dl crab stock of Kalaliike S. Wallin
100 g butter
1 dl cream

Black salsify purée

200 g peeled black salsify
100 g cream

Fried black salsify

200 g peeled black salsify
50 g butter

Simmered leek

1 pc white part of a leek
200 g butter

200 g pike perch fillet of Kalaliike S. Wallin

Prepare the pickle by mixing vinegar, sugar and water. Cut the tomatoes into wedges and pour the pickle on them. Let them rest for 24 hours.

Put all the ingredients of a crab sauce into a saucepan and bring them to the boil. Take it away from the stove and froth strongly with a hand blender. Add salt if need be.

After peeling the black salsifies put them straight away to a dish where there is a lot of cold water and a few slices of a lemon. This prevents the black salsifies from darkening. Take half of the peeled black salsifies and chop them into pieces of 1-2 cm. Cook the black salsifies in the cream until done. Mash them fine in a blender. Season with salt to taste.

Chop the black salsifies into pieces of 10 cm and cook them in salted water for 7 minutes. The black salsifies can remain a little firm. Strain them and fry in a generous amount of butter in a pan till nicely brown.

Cut the leek into pieces of 3 cm and rinse them under running water. Add the butter and the pieces of leek into a saucepan and let them simmer over a low heat for 20 minutes. Season with salt when needed.

Cut the pike perch fillet in two. Fry the pieces of pike perch with the skin side down in a generous amount of butter in a hot pan. When the pieces of pike perch are done, take them away from the pan to wait for the portion assembly.

Start with the black salsify purée, add the leek and the tomato wedges. Then the fried black salsifies. Set the pike perch pieces beautifully on the black salsifies and complete the portion with the frothed crab sauce.

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