Herkkunuotta sells fish with a focus on customer service

Herkkunuotta, which has been operating in the Turku Market Hall for more than 10 years, serves fresh fish from Finland and from the world with a focus on customer service.

”Expertise and service have been important assets for us from the beginning”, says Johan Hellsten and while wife Taina nods beside him.

The Hellstens founded Herkkunuotta on the 26th of September in 2007. Taina still states the date straight away though Johan laughs that Taina, who has always been the voice of reason in the family, was at first reluctant to the idea of their own fish shop. After more than 10 years Herkkunuotta, which started as a company of two persons, has expanded to a fish shop which employs several people and practises retail trade, selling at bistro and wholesale trade.  

” Each year we have grown by one” Taina says and Johan continues ”For a few years we worked just the two of us night and day, but little by little a group of people better than us have found their way to Herkkunuotta.”

The knowledge of raw materials is the heart of everything

To know raw materials and to understand how to use them are a way to stand out and it's seen above all in customer service. The staff knows well all the raw materials that are for sale and they gladly give tips on how to use them. Herkkunuotta’s staff includes those who have studied fishery and those who have gone to cooking school. However, the finishing touches on product know-how is given by the employer.

The connective factor of the whole group is enthusiasm for cooking and fresh seafood. Recipes and ideas of new products are constantly juggled among the team. Previously a mere fish shop, Herkkunuotta has also been offering lunch already for some years, and the whole staff is responsible for keeping it attractive.  

”We are open to new winds and want to find new raw materials and ideas. All the trials do not always end up in the counter, but we still want to look for and get excited about new things”, Johan enlightens.

Herkkunuotta’s product range is based on the season above all because the raw materials of the season are always at their best. Although domesticity is an important part of the company’s business idea, diversity is looked for in imported seafood.

Atlantic halibut of 170 kg

Already a small legend in Turku, a 170 kg Atlantic halibut ordered by Johan from Northern Norway, was again one proof of Herkkunuotta’s readiness to jump in the deep end if need be.

”It was a bit like the start of the whole story of Herkkunuotta. I was suggested by phone to buy the fish, I got enthusiastic and said right away of course, we take it” Johan says and continues ”When the fish was brought in a big wooden box, Taina looked at me quite long and I realized that maybe I had messed up.”

After a short thought the fish was cut into pieces, 50 litres fish stock was cooked from the bones and every single piece of fish was sold. Nothing went to waste.

”Actually it ran out a bit too soon”, laughs Taina who was not finally at all annoyed at the purchase.

”It was the wisest stupid decision I have made”, laughs Johan.

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