Lapland potatoes and Herkkunuotta’s cold smoked pike roe


Serves 4-6
Difficulty level: Average
Preparation time: 45 min
(not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts)

Restaurant Kaskis’s changing menu has recently included a pancake made of Lapland potatoes on which Chef Mansikka especially recommends Herkkunuotta’s cold smoked pike roe.

Lapland potato pancake

200 g Lapland potato purée
2 pc organic eggs
2 pcs egg whites
1 dl whole milk
2 dl wheat flour
clarified butter for baking in the oven

6 tbsp Herkkunuotta’s cold smoked pike roe
domestic cream cheese
fresh herbs and vegetables

Prepare first the potato purée by boiling the Lapland potatoes until tender and mash them with a potato masher or a press.

Whip the eggs and the whites into a light foam, add flour in small amounts into the mash. Add the milk and the potato purée, mix and season with salt. Put the pancake mash up to the midpoint of 10 cm moulds and cover them with a generous layer of clarified butter. Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes. Add clarified butter on the pancake, bake for 4 minutes and add butter again. Bake for the last 4 minutes and then take the pancake out of the the oven.

Grate domestic cream cheese on the warm pancakes and serve the crunchy pancake with Herkkunuotta’s cold smoked pike roe, herbs, vegetables and, to taste, extra potato purée.

Tip: You can also dry the roe in a dryer overnight and crush it with a cutter into fine powder which you can sprinkle on the pancake with a tea-strainer.

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