Matjes herring tartar of herring fillet from Suomen Sillikonttori


Serves 2-4
Difficulty level: difficult
Preparation time: 2h

Chef Petri Tauriainen from restaurant Teini with long traditions prepared an easy herring tartar of the lightly salted herring fillet of Suomen Sillikonttori. It was served with a yolk gel which demands a little more time and with deep-fried pickled cucumber and steamed egg white.

2 eggs

Deep-fry batter:

1 dl wheat flour
1 dl beer
1 tsp baking soda

1 pickled cucumber
1 tbsp capers
100-150 g lightly salted herring fillet of Sillikonttori

Separate egg yolks from whites. Cook the vacuum-packed yolks in a 64 degree water bath for 90 minutes. Whip the cooked yolks into a smooth gel and season with salt. Whip the whites till smooth, season with salt and cook them with steam in a small dish for abt. 9 minutes so that they coagulate. Mix the wheat flour, the beer and the baking soda. Season the deep-fry batter with salt. Cut the pickled cucumber into sticks, dip them into the batter and fry in oil at 180 degrees till the batter is golden brown. Fry also the capers quickly at the same time. Chop the herring into small cubes, press them into a round mould on a plate and garnish with steamed white, yolk gel, fried cucumber and capers.

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