Rucola pastry and pickles


Serves 6
Difficulty level: Average
Preparation time: 45min + night-long marination
(not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts)

The rucola pastry made of DeliVerde’s rucola by restaurant Smör’s Roni Toivari is an interesting combination of salty and sweet. It works excellently, for instance, between the main course and the dessert. Exact amounts are very important in baking to get a successful result – that is why the amounts in the pastry recipe are in grams.

Pickling stock

1 part white vinegar
2 parts sugar
3 parts water

Vegetables for pickling

crown dill
white currant

Rucola pastry

90 g egg white
75 g almond flour
50 g buckwheat flour
60 g sugar
4 g baking powder
5 g salt
60 g rucola purée from DeliVerde’s rucola (mix rucola and a little oil in a blender until smooth)
60 g melted butter

Mustard cream

3 egg yolks
1 tbsp grainy mustard
50 g sour cream
2–4 dl oil

Measure out all the ingredients of the pickling stock into a saucepan. Parboil and let cool. Add vegetables of your choice and let them marinate at least overnight.

Whip the egg whites into a foam. Sift in the mixed dry ingredients. Lastly add the rucola purée and the butter and stir the mixture until smooth. Put the pastry into a piping bag. Pipe it into oiled moulds and bake them at 175 degrees for abt. 10 minutes depending on the mould size.

Measure the egg yolks, the mustard and the sour cream into a bowl. Stir them well. Add oil in a thin stream and whip all the time till you get mayonnaise-like cream. Season with salt.

Put the rucola pastry on a plate. Pipe mustard cream in the middle of the pastry and arrange the pickles on the top of the pastry. It is worth putting the pickles first on a sheet of paper so that the extra stock dribbles on the paper. Sprinkle dried dill or other dried and ground herb over the whole portion.

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