Sillikonttori’s herring and potato cake


Serves 4
Difficulty level: average
Preparation time: 2h + 4-6h cooling
(gluten-free, not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts, egg)

Chef Petri Tauriainen from restaurant Teini tells us that his inspiration for the combination of herring and potato cake comes from classic Jansson’s cassarole. The strong taste of Suomen Sillikonttori’s matjes herring is excellently supported by a rich parmesan potato cake and strong cheese.

1 kg potatoes
2 dl grated parmesan
white pepper
100 g matjess herring fillet of Sillikonttori
1-2 dl grated Västerbotten or Emmenthal
½ red pepper
½ yellow pepper
¼ courgette
1 small onion
herb sprigs

Peel and slice the potato thin with a knife or a mandoline. Sauté the potatoes in butter, add the grated parmesan into the pan and season with salt and pepper. Put the potatoes into a casserole, press them evenly and bake at 140 degrees for abt. an hour so that the potatoes are done. Let the potatoes cool for a moment, put a weight on them and cool them finally in a fridge. Cut eight discs from the cold potato cake, first put herring cubes between the discs, then cheese, put another potato cake disc on top and coat it with cheese. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees till the cheese melts and gets some colour, for abt. 10 minutes. Cube the peppers, the courgette and the onion and fry them in butter. Season with salt and serve with a potato cake and herring. Garnish with herb sprigs.

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