Turku Menu 2019 - Karu: The duck flew to the east


For 4
Difficulty: Difficult
Time required: Several days

Jere Saarinen and Ville Rantanen from Karu, which won the Turku Menu 2019 competition, also combined Asian flavours typical of Karu with the ingredient provided as the raw material for the main course, Finnish duck. They made noodles themselves and served them in carefully prepared broth with wonton filled with duck liver and hearts, and grilled duck breast.

PLEASE NOTE! The recipe was made by top-level chefs for restaurant conditions. It is extremely demanding, some ingredients are difficult to acquire, seasoning has been left to the sense of taste, and many ingredients are marked in grams in order to achieve perfect accuracy. In addition, the recipe may include too much of some components compared to what is necessary for a portion, because in a restaurant kitchen the components do not need to be used at the same pace. However, the recipe provides an interesting view of the operating principles of a restaurant kitchen, and the most enterprising readers can try to prepare a top-level restaurant dish at home.

975 g flour
20 g gluten flour
400 g water
13 g salt
2 g potassium carbonate
8 g baking soda

Mix the ingredients of the noodle dough and knead into an even dough. Wrap in film and place in the fridge for at least one hour. Use a pasta maker to make a thin sheet, and cut into thin noodles.


Duck broth
5 l water                               
2 duck spines
300 g Finnish apples
300 g onions
100 g garlic
100 g ginger
1 tsp. clove
½ bundle coriander
4 star anise
1 tsp. coriander seeds
½ dl fish stock
50 g palm sugar

Peel the onions, garlics, and ginger. Blacken the peels in the oven. Leave all ingredients to simmer at a low heat for 24 hours. Peel the foam forming on the surface during the first hour. Strain.

5 l water       
2 kg pork bones
1 tsp. white pepper
100 g garlic
100 g ginger
200 g onions

Leave all ingredients to simmer in a pot for 72 hours until the broth is thick and creamy. Strain.

Finishing up the broth
700 g Tonkotsu         
1,400 g duck broth
50 g sesame paste
40 g suehiro vinegar
40 g silken tofu
1 tsp. Xantana

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Shīfūdo shio tare

500 g shallots
200 g garlic
100 g ginger
500 g Finnish apples
rapeseed oil

Shīfūdo xo
55 g dried crab   
55 g dried calamari
10 g katsuobushi (skipjack tuna)
140 g dried and smoked mackerel
70 g garlic
50 g ginger
1 tsp. gochugaru
30 ml fish stock
125 ml rapeseed oil

Shīfūdo shio tare
340 g hot water
48 g salt
75 g Shīfūdo xo
200 g Sofrito 

Prepare the sofrito: cut all of the vegetables in to small cubes. Place in an oven dish and cover with oil. Cook at 130 degrees until the vegetables are soft and caramelised.

Prepare the Shīfūdo xo: leave the dried products to soak overnight. Cut the garlic and ginger into small cubes. Add all of the ingredients in a pot and leave to simmer for 2–4 hours.

Combine the ingredients of the Shīfūdo shio tare.

Duck breast
2 duck breasts
½ dl tosa shoyu soy sauce

Leave the duck breasts to marinate in the tosa shoyu soy for one hour. Fry on a grill or a frying pan until medium, cut to slices, and glace with butter.

Duck wonton
hearts and livers of 4 ducks
½ apple
4 wonton sheets

Grind the hearts and livers rough in a mincer. Chop the apple. Mix the apple with the meat and season with salt and soy. Lift the filling in the middle of the wonton sheet. Spread water on the sides of the sheet and press the sides together, corner to corner.

Cook the noodles in boiling water for approximately one minute. Cook the wontons in boiling water until they rise to the surface and then leave to boil for one more minute. Pour some Shīfūdo shio tare on the bottom of a bowl, place the cooked noodles over it, and fill the bowl with the broth. Add the duck breast, wonton, soy-marinated egg, Thai basil, fried shallots, and sprouts.

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