Turku Menu 2019 - Ravintola Göran: Whitefish and boletus


For 30
Difficulty: Difficult
Time required: Several hours

The Göran team came second in the Turku Menu 2019 competition. Elisa Palokankare and Noora Kangosjärvi conjured up a starter of sugar salted whitefish with porcini purée and broth, and a fried whitefish skin.

PLEASE NOTE! The recipe was made by top-level chefs for restaurant conditions. It is extremely demanding, some ingredients are difficult to acquire, seasoning has been left to the sense of taste, and many ingredients are marked in grams in order to achieve perfect accuracy. In addition, the recipe may include too much of some components compared to what is necessary for a portion, because in a restaurant kitchen the components do not need to be used at the same pace. However, the recipe provides an interesting view of the operating principles of a restaurant kitchen, and the most enterprising readers can try to prepare a top-level restaurant dish at home.

Sugar salted whitefish
2 kg whitefish fillet, scaled, with skin
800 g salt
800 g sugar

Clean the whitefish fillets and remove the skin. Cover them with the sugar and salt mixture and leave for one hour. Rinse. Fry the fillets on charcoal and cut into portions.

Porcini purée
800 g porcini
1 onion
50 g Madeira wine
100 g butter
50 g cream

Fry the chopped porcini and onions, add the Madeira wine and cream. Boil down to approximately half. Mash up with butter, add salt, and add Xantana until suitably thickened.

Porcini broth
2 kg porcini
4 onions
cane sugar

Fry the porcini and onions on a pan in a little oil. Place them in a dish, cover with water, and cover with wrap. Cook overnight at 85 degrees in a steam oven. Strain, boil down, and season with salt, cane sugar, and vinegar.

Deep-fried whitefish skin
the skin of a whitefish

Remove all meat from the skins. Dry and place between two baking trays covered with baking sheet paper. Dry at 120 degrees in the oven for two hours. Deep-fry and add salt.

Pickled white currants
1 dl vinegar
2 dl sugar
3 dl water
200 g white currant

Boil the vinegar, sugar, and water. Allow to cool. Place the berries in the pickle and leave overnight, if possible.

Compile the ingredients onto a plate as you wish or according to the picture.

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