Bagels with cold smoked salmon and Aura’s The burger sauce


Serves 2
Difficulty level: Easy
Preparation time: 15 min
(not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts, egg, fish/shellfish)

Aura’s The burger sauce is excellent also between bagels. Ulla Salo and her husband Janne recommend cold smoked salmon and avocado as trimmings.

2 muesli bagels
½ dl cream cheese
150 g cold smoked salmon
1 avocado
2–4 salad leaves

big capers
2 tbsp Aura’s traditional mayonnaise
2-4 tsp grated horseradish

Roast the bagels on a grill, in a pan or in a toaster. Spread cream cheese on the bagel, then cold smoked salmon, sliced avocado and salad. Mix Aura’s traditional mayonnaise and grated horseradish. Top the bagel with rucola, capers and a good shot of horseradish mayonnaise.

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