NOOA’s fish sandwich with Aura’s mayonnaise

Serves 1-2
Difficulty level: Average
Preparation time: 40 min

Restaurant NOOA’s fish sandwich is a hearty supper for one or a suitable snack for two. NOOA’s Simo Hallikainen and Sebastian Koski used Aura’s traditional mayonnaise as a base for delicious remoulade sauce!

Remoulade sauce

100 g Aura’s traditional mayonnaise
½ pc red onion in cubes
1 pc pickled cucumber in cubes
1 tbsp capers
1 tbsp Aura’s Dijon mustard
1 dl minced fresh parsley
black pepper from the mill
a pinch of salt

200 g fried arctic char fillet from Kalaliike S. Wallin
50 g butter
2 slices of Leipomo Manna’s rustic sourdough bread
40 g pickled cucumber
40 g cherry tomatoes
fresh salads

Start making the sauce by mincing the red onion, the pickled cucumber and the parsley. Mix all the ingredients and check the taste. Add salt to taste.

Cut the arctic char fillet into 3 parts and fry with the skin side down in a hot frying pan in a drop of oil. When the edges of the fish pieces begin to cook, add 50 g butter into the pan and decrease the temperature by half. Keep on cooking till the fish pieces are done. Take the fish away from the pan to wait for the portion assembly.

Toast the bread slices in a hot pan till nicely brown. Start to assemble the portion on a plate. Put the bread slices on the bottom, then the salad and the vegetables. Put the fish pieces on the vegetables and complete the portion with a generous amount of remoulade sauce.

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