Pita burger with Koskenlaskija

For 8
Difficulty: Easy
Time required: 30 min

Valio’s legendary Koskenlaskija® cheese is now available as cheddar-flavoured slices particularly suitable for hamburgers. Arkea’s Restaurant Nereidi serves burgers regularly, and replacing your ordinary bun with a pita bread brings a nice change.

400 g minced beef (10% fat)
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. mixed pepper
1 egg
1 dl Valio cooking cream
½ dl breadcrumbs
1 onion
1 tbsp. Valio Oivariini® fat

200 g Valio Koskenlaskija® cheddar cheese spread slices
8 pita breads
1 onion
100 g pickled cucumber
100 g cucumber
100 g lettuce
1 bundle of fresh coriander chopped
100 g Valio Viola® garlic cream cheese

8 servings of rustic French fries

Mix the spices, egg, cream, and breadcrumbs with the minced meat. Dice the onion. Fry the onion on a frying pan with Oivariini. Mix the onions with the meat mixture. Make patties out of the mixture. Cook them on a frying pan or in the oven on baking paper, at 250 degrees for approximately 15 minutes. At the end, add slices of cheese over the hot patties. Cut open the pita breads and heat them. Fill the breads with the patties and the other fillings. Serve with rustic French fries and Koskenlaskija salsa sauce.

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