Ulla and Janne cook for children, grandchildren and friends

Ulla Salo and her husband Janne declare right away that they are food enthusiasts. The same eagerness glows from their dog Minni who bustles along in the kitchen. The couple have cooking close to their hearts and they always put their minds carefully to cooking when doing it. The couple naturally cook for themselves but they also enjoy feeding their friends and relatives. Especially close to their hearts is, of course, serving good food to their own children and grandchildren.

This couple who is cooking versatilely was asked by Eat my Turku project to develop recipes for Jalostaja’s burger sauces and DeliVerde’s salad. Especially Janne is very keen on preparing different sandwiches and hearty bread so the task proved to be more than natural. Traditional burgers were not wanted but sirloin and cold smoked salmon with burger sauces. DeliVerde salad was used in simple but filling butternut squash salad.

Both Aura’s products and DeliVerde’s rich salads get unconditional praise from the couple. There is a wide variety in Aura’s sauces and, for example, basic mayonnaise seasoned with horseradish led to a really delicious result. Ulla thinks that the sauces also work perfectly for sandwich cakes and different pastes.

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