Essi Rantanen’s weekdays with wholesome food and weekends with delicacies


Essi Rantanen from Turku was immediately eager to participate in Eat my Turku because food has  been an important part of her life in various ways since childhood. Essi, who works as a graphic designer, thinks that her enthusiasm for cooking comes from curiosity among the family about food and from different food-related TV programmes. Essi has tasted different dishes both at home and at restaurants from a young age so she has no prejudices.

”I cook a lot myself. On weekdays I like to make salads and eat healthy whereas at weekends I often prepare something more special with a lot of butter and cream”, says Rantanen.

A great part of cooking pleasure is making food for others. In Essi’s case it means a boyfriend and sometimes family and friends. Especially Essi’s salads and pastas have got lots of compliments from her friends.

“My boyfriend is an excellent assistant cook and, of course, eats with pleasure the food I make”, laughs Essi.

For Eat my Turku Essi created recipes for Leipomo Rosten’s products. She had already tasted seed crispbreads earlier but the wide variety was a little surprising. The product package delivered by Rosten contained all the flavours of the selection so Essi will know every seed crispbread of Rosten from now on.

”I especially like seed crispbread made from oats because I eat more oats than wheat nowadays. The crunchy seeds of seed crispbread give a nice mouthfeel”, says Rantanen.

Leipomo Rosten is also making legendary pumpernickels flourish again. Pumpernickels bring back for Essi strong memories of childhood. She gives special thanks for pumpernickels’ cute appearance which really got justice in pumpernickel white chocolate Rocky Road prepared by Rantanen.

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