Open grape jam sandwiches made of Jussi’s multigrain bread from Perheleipuri Salonen

Serves 2
Difficulty level: Easy
Preparation time: 10 min
(not including: soy, citrus fruit, nuts, egg, fish/shellfish)

Jussi’s multigrain bread of Perheleipuri Salonen is also suitable for gourmandise when you choose toppings correctly. The Björkman family got a small crop of grapes last summer and it was big enough for half a jar of best grape jam which is a perfect match for goat’s milk cheese and apples of your own garden. Surely you can also buy jam and apples in a shop if your own orchard is only in the making.

4 slices of Jussi’s multigrain bread by Leipomo Salonen
rapeseed oil of Myssyfarmi
8 slices of Ensilempi goat’s milk cheese by cheese factory Saloniemi (you can also use ordinary goat’s milk cheese)
4 tbsp grape jam or apple jam
1 apple ”punakaneli” (or similar)

Toast the slices of Salonen’s multigrain bread and baste a little rapeseed oil on the surface. Put slices of cheese, grape jam and slices of apple on the warm slices of bread. Garnish with mint and rapeseed oil.

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