Roberts Berrie offers the day’s berries of uniform quality easily year-round


108-year-old Roberts from Turku processes functional food from northern berries. The positive health effects of it are indisputable.

Originally, Roberts manufactured soft drink flavours and then expanded their production to jams and flavours for bakeries and then to importation and finally, they ended up back to their own production. About ten years ago they decided to invest in wholesome domestic berries and in the processing of them inside the company.

”Innovative berry products are our thing”, says Managing Director Mikko Roberts and continues: ”Finnish berries and mushrooms are often sold unrefined further to the world market, in which case they are processed somewhere else and the work does not stay in Finland. Our aim is to use high-quality and pure northern raw materials and develop them into delicious end products.”

As a result of long-time product development Roberts launched a Berrie product series which aims to balance the best possible taste with health effects. As many whole berries as possible are included with their skins and seeds so that healthy fibres, seed oils and polyphenols, of which especially anthocyanins, remain in the product.

”For example, in a Berrie bilberry cup of one decilitre there are on average 139 whole bilberries which have been changed into a drinkable form”, says Roberts.

Finnish superfood or functional food

There are many studies of the wholesomeness of berries and Roberts keep exact records of data related to berries.

”We have in our team a person who has a doctorate in the health effects of berries and updates our databank all the time. In addition, we co-operate with different actors who promote the recovery, the upgrading and the use of natural products”, says Mikko Roberts.

The starting point of the Berrie series is the analysed wholesomeness of berries. There is no need to invent empty assertions because the wholesomeness has been proved scientifically several times, and it is enough to say that Berrie contains whole berries with skins and seeds. According to the official nutrition recommendations, berries are even preferable to fruit.

Enjoying berries possible also outside the seasons

It is easy to carry along a completely recyclable Berrie cup which keeps at room temperature for eight months. Wholesome and delicious berries are available all year round. Roberts have especially invested in northern wild berries or bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries and sea buckthorn berries. The short but light growing season in Finland gives the berries a strong and unique taste which Roberts want to preserve for the use throughout the year.

Roberts’ Berrie products are in a fruit and vegetable department in a shop, often near berries. ”It is not our purpose to sell a snack but daily berries so the berries in the berry department are our reference”, enlightens Roberts and continues: ”With Berrie we do not have to think about seasons. We have wanted to make it as easy as possible to enjoy berries anywhere anytime. In addition to the cup of one decilitre we are launching a tap box of three litres to make daily use even easier.”

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