Turku Menu 2019 - Karu: Many kinds of berries


For 10–15
Difficulty: Difficult
Time required: Several hours

The team form Restaurant Karu, which won the Turku Menu 2019 competition, prepared a dessert of fermented Finnish berries. Jere Saarinen and Ville Rantanen combined berries with Asian tastes characteristic to Karu, such as a miso-ganache glazed with sisho white chocolate and blackened kombu sauce.

PLEASE NOTE! The recipe was made by top-level chefs for restaurant conditions. It is extremely demanding, some ingredients are difficult to acquire, seasoning has been left to the sense of taste, and many ingredients are marked in grams in order to achieve perfect accuracy. In addition, the recipe may include too much of some components compared to what is necessary for a portion, because in a restaurant kitchen the components do not need to be used at the same pace. However, the recipe provides an interesting view of the operating principles of a restaurant kitchen, and the most enterprising readers can try to prepare a top-level restaurant dish at home.

Fermented berries
1 kg Finnish berries
100 g sugar
10 g salt

Mix the sugar and salt with the berries, and leave to ferment at room temperature for one week. Freeze and serve in portions slightly thawed.

Glazed miso ganache

Cranberry heart
300 g cranberry purée
2 sheets of gelatine

Miso dark chocolate
350 g cream                 
50 g butter                       
500 g dark chocolate     
100 g Shiro Miso           

White chocolate glace
150 g water       
300 g glucose                             
300 g sugar                         
16 sheets of gelatine                                
350 g white chocolate                        
250 g condensed milk
3 packages sisho

Soak the gelatine sheets in cold water. Heat the cranberry purée and mix in the drained sheets of gelatine. Cool in a small mould into a semicircle.

Heat the cream and butter, pour over the chocolate, and allow to melt. Add the miso and mix with a stick blender until smooth. Pour the dark chocolate miso ganache into a silicone mould in the shape of a semicircle and add the cranberry heart in the middle.

Heat the water, sugar, and glucose to 103 degrees. Melt the white chocolate into the condensed milk. Once the syrup has cooled to 60 degrees, blend in the sisho. Add the gelatine sheets which have been soaked in cold water into the syrup and combine the masses. 

Once the miso dark chocolate ganache has cooled, glaze it with the white chocolate glace.

Blackened kombu sauce
200 g egg yolk   
500 g milk          
500 g cream         
100 g glucose      
2 sheets of gelatine          
½ sheet of kombu

Cook the yolk with the cream, milk, and glucose. Add the gelatine sheets which have been soaked in cold water. Blacken the kombu with a gas burner, and blend in with the mass.

100 g dried rice cake     
Koikuchi soy sauce 

Dry the rice cake overnight. Crumble. Fry at 200 degrees until puffed. You can also use rice cakes sold ready at any store. Season with koikuchi.

Compile the portion according to the picture or in the way you wish, and decorate with geranium petals.

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