Turku Menu 2019 - Ravintola Göran: Sea buckthorn, white chocolate, and meringue


For 8–12
Difficulty: Difficult
Time required: Several hours

Second in the Turku Menu 2019 competition, the Göran team prepared a dessert of sea buckthorn and white chocolate. Elisa Palokankare and Noora Kangosjärvi compiled a plate of sea buckthorn compote, sea buckthorn-glazed white chocolate mousse, white chocolate crystal, and marinated sea buckthorn.

PLEASE NOTE! The recipe was made by top-level chefs for restaurant conditions. It is extremely demanding, some ingredients are difficult to acquire, seasoning has been left to the sense of taste, and many ingredients are marked in grams in order to achieve perfect accuracy. In addition, the recipe may include too much of some components compared to what is necessary for a portion, because in a restaurant kitchen the components do not need to be used at the same pace. However, the recipe provides an interesting view of the operating principles of a restaurant kitchen, and the most enterprising readers can try to prepare a top-level restaurant dish at home.

Italian meringue
4 egg whites
2½ dl sugar
½ dl water

Beat the egg whites into a solid froth in a food processor. Heat the sugar and water to 121 degrees, and pour the mixture into the egg whites in a thin stream, mixing the whole time. Spread into the moulds and cook in the oven overnight at 55 degrees.

Sea buckthorn compote
150 g sea buckthorn
75 g preserving sugar
1 tsp. lemon juice

Cook the sea buckthorn and sugar into a jam. Add the lemon juice. Mix using a stick blender or blender, and strain the mixture. Divide into moulds and freeze.

White chocolate mousse
190 g white chocolate
30 g egg yolk
200 g milk
6 sheets of gelatine
200 g cream

Heat the milk and egg yolk to 83 degrees in a bain-marie. Melt the chocolate and the gelatine soaked in cold water into the mixture. Whip the cream into a soft foam, and add the cooled white chocolate mass. Fill the moulds halfway. Cool for a moment and add a sea buckthorn heart from the freezer. Fill the moulds the rest of the way with the mousse. Freeze

Sea buckthorn glace
30 g sugar
10 g pectin
450 g sea buckthorn juice
5 g yogurt acid
6 sheets of gelatine
75 g milk

Mix the sugar and pectin. Bring the juice and yogurt acid to the boil. Add the pectin and sugar, boil for 3 minutes. Add the gelatine sheets which have been soaked in cold water. Leave to cool until approximately 30 degrees, and add the milk. Take the mousse from the freezer, remove them from the moulds, place them onto a grill grate, and glaze them.

White chocolate crystal
200 g white chocolate
400 g sugar
100 g water
2 g salt

Melt the white chocolate. Heat the sugar, water, and salt to 150 degrees. Pour the mixture into the melted chocolate in a thin stream, mixing the whole time.

Marinated sea buckthorn
200 g sea buckthorn
½ dl vinegar
2 dl sugar
2 dl water

Boil a broth of the sugar, vinegar, and water. Allow to cool. Pour over the berries and leave to marinate overnight.

Compile the ingredients onto a plate as you wish or according to the picture.

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